Closing the Gap in Health Care Funding


When funding flooded into the health care space in 2020 in a pandemic-induced frenzy, Black-founded startups saw less than 2% of it. And in 2022, as health care startups overall raised more than $555 billion, Black-founded startups saw only 1.3% of that money.


But some firms like Jumpstart Nova, an offshoot of Nashville, Tennessee-based Jumpstart Health Investors that is specifically dedicated to funding Black-founded health care companies, are rethinking the process.


“Black founders are chronically underfunded and health care is no exception,” said Jumpstart partner Kathryne Cooper, who focuses on Black-founded health care companies said. “Health care affects all Americans. And if a certain group is going to be cut out from this funding, I don’t think that’s representative of all health care opportunities.”


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